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Shirley Davis was born on a boat while her parents were having sex, something about the sex got her curious to come out and see what was up. She came out a little sea sick instead and vomiting ruined her plans to confront her horny father and mother.

Years later, when she was 19, and after an intense conversation in the mirror before her small town’s annual meeting, Shirley decided that she’d go into the writing business, no one in her town had a good time imagining stories, much less polishing them up, so she knew she’d be rich soon! Rich enough to be able to pay her craft beers and to go to whatever College had the best Literature Program. She was LIT after finding Portland suited her needs, and went there to live the hipster life.

Throughout college she already had created and vanished several different quick businesses, like parrot hairdressing, artisanal chocolate sculptor and invisible dogs walker, the main college teacher thought she was great and awarded her a diploma.

Shirley stayed at Portland but frequently visits Williamsburg where she spends lots of money in sport shows and pizza at Roberta’s

As a car lover, you will find in Gentleman’s Soul all the posts about them to be written by her. She dreams about owning someday an Hispano Suiza.

Loves: Pizza, Skating, Cars, Coffee and Granola

Hates: Smelly cats, Overcooked meat, UGGs and Static Electricity

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